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Sisters & Girlfriends

I had a best friend

We spent every minute together

Basking in each others company & characters

We grew up ……..continue reading click on the relationships page

Its a boy.

Let me tell you about a Boy.

A Boy I loved without thought or hesitation.

A Boy that sought a life.

To be found away from my sight or our protective arms.

I tried in vain to keep him, ……

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A Woman

The shadows of a woman.

Hold a thousand stories.

Forged on her heart.

Locked away.

In quiet solitude.

Of lessons lived.

Paths travelled.

Loves lost.

As she opens her heart.

Welcoming, befriending the hopes brought by a new dawn.

For future memories to be made.

So that they may, to.


As shadows.

As she walks.

Shoulders back.

Head high.

Through her days.


Dedicated to my daughter, Amaya who I birthed stillborn just short
of 24 weeks.

Loved ones shy away from the trauma,

As I yearn it,

consciously, immersing my entire self into the detail of your dying birth,

In an unashamed attempt, to keep your memory alive……..

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Physical Health

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