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A Love Story

Once there was a man and a woman.

Some would say she was spoilt and he was utterly stupid.

They met years ago.

But their relationship was only cemented, on that day,

when she asked him, in a harsh voice,

what am I to you ?

In front of his entire family,

he thought, walked around her.

Then quietly, with an extraordinary sense of assurance,

he whispered a message in her ear,

which instantly made her cry.

Silent tears that hit her,

to her core.

Then in a strong voice, he said,

she’s my *biwi, my love, my future and smiled.

They were married

His family argued he was lost to her.

People that knew them, well enough,

knew, she was to him.

As they aged, whatever she asked, she received.

Her requests fulfilled.

And sure enough, he never gave her cause to feel let down.

We may not understand it, but this was their love story, which stood the test of time.

Remaining faithful and loyal, only to the other.

They never left the others’ side and only saw each other,

in the decisions they made, until their time.


*biwi – Wife

By Ravinder

Instragram : bindermenon

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