The Workings of Our Minds.


I follow this mantra in the same way as I routinely get up every morning.

DON’T STOP, DO NOT STOP living your day to the fullest, just doing, progression in terms of not only the things you need to do but the things your soul pulls you to do, just trying.  

Find joy in your ordinary, getting up at 6am & being afforded another new day is a blessing.

Eating the food you’ve cooked is to be savoured.

Walking the dog is an opportunity to feel the air in your face and chat to locals along the way. The list continues if you allow it. 

Not fulfilling every part of your Being is nothing but damaging, its soul destroying. Ignoring how much is out there to offer you, the countless options, ideas, thought processes that make you think and behave in a alternate way. Why damage the very fibre of who you are now and your very own potential.

We always find an excuse, a reason why we shouldn’t do something, the primary reasons usually include the following:_

Too hard.



No time and/or energy.

It holds no promise of reward.

The point, we will ALWAYS find a reason!!

I promise you, you keep trying, you place all your efforts into your tasks which seek to better yourself, the rewards will come naturally.

I have a really bad habit of having a list of things to do and mindlessly going through that list until its complete.

Through the process, I do nothing new, my actions are habitual to the minor details. Guess what,  I’ve transformed into a robot that can flash a smile.  

So, recently, I made a conscious decision to not only enjoy my tasks while actually completing them but to do things outside my comfort zone, like jogging up that hill rather than walking it, painting & sketching, something I haven’t done in years, or just trying a recipe my mother cooked so I could re-create them smells and feeling of nostalgia in my own home. I do them things not for my son or husband, but selfishly for myself.

Why??? it makes me feel invigorated, like I can do anything, I don’t have boundaries or a formula for my life.

Every day has the potential of me learning something new, finding a skill I didn’t even know I had and growing, so, now I have more strings to my bow & ultimately more choice.

In truth, I don’t even want to recognise the old me, she holds no interest for me.

I’m far more excited with truly living each and every day, each moment and my own dreams, whether they lead to something or not. The point, I enjoyed today!!!

By Ravinder

Instragram : bindermenon