It’s a Boy

Let me tell you about a Boy. A Boy I loved without thought or hesitation. A Boy that sought a life. To be found away from my sight or our protective arms. I tried in vain to keep him, knowing in my hearts of hearts it was time to let him be. So, he spread his wings seeking his dreams. While we ached, longing to see his face. Hoping he would know & fell our hearts on a daily. In time, the boy grew into a man. He flew with freedom, determination & joy. Grateful that he was allowed to dream & reach for the highest of stars. Us, we quietly watched for the sidelines. Thankful to have become witnesses to our overflowing hearts. Humbled to have raised such a boy. Our greatest gift, honoured to have received. In testimony, we now offer him as our gift to the world.

By Ravinder

Instragram : bindermenon

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