Guidance for Daily Living

Life & Love

The purpose of my life:-

“To love and be loved with a open heart”

“To make the most of all opportunities that life has to offer, including those events that are categorised as bad, difficult and damaging.”

One thing I am sure of, as time passes, we evolve with the lived experiences, bringing us to Our Truth. Only after those feelings have been felt and the knowledge has been learned. We journey through life, collecting little fragments of treasure along the way.”

I will live my daily life in acknowledgement of exactly that & I know for sure, it will save me from the noise and clatter of monotonous day to day living, allowing me to see and feel what is truly, worthy of my time & effort. The hidden beauty, even in the hardship.

It is my personal choice whether I choose to appreciate and savour the truths that I come face to face with, whilst I live out my various roles on this planet. Irrelevant as to whether I refer to them as easy or difficult at the time of experience.

Invariably we, as humans opt for suppression of those feelings, awakenings and whispers, hushing & denying all there is to be learned, through the spectrum of our experiences.

Pay attention, the something better is here, right now. Always staring you in the face. Just hoping that you will appreciate each & every aspect of your lives, from the ability to wake, walk & feel the air in your face, to having loved ones surround you & just being able to see and touch their faces, or the freedom to cook and eat exactly what you desire.

They are all our daily miracles, the tiny miracles that culminate to lives that are being truly lived with open hearts and minds.

Live your Lives is not just a passing phrase, to live your lives is to really experience all those little miracles, to feel them within your soul as pinch moments, knowing there is nothing better than the here and now.

By Ravinder

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