The Workings of Our Minds.

Mind Clatter

That’s what I call it, mind clatter.

The working of your mind focused on your to do list,  pick up the groceries, need to order A,B,C…., wouldn’t it be nice if I managed to clean/clear this out……It doesn’t stop and its a daily habitual routine.

This is not LIVING, it is akin to acting like a human robot, regurgitating the same old without enjoyment of time or truly living and experiencing the days.

But I warn you now, it is one of the hardest tasks, to create new habits, to break down the old methods of doing things and re-learning, re-training your mind in the hope that you will live a more satisfied and fulfilled life.

Alas, that’s what my life cries out for, its non-negotiable, just as important as raising my son to the best of my abilities. I am determined to at least try.

When that clatter rears its ugly head in the back of my mind, I try and switch it OFF.

Choosing to live in the tiny moments that form my day, focusing my mind to truly experience, savour and devour those precious moments, whether that be feeling & breathing the air whilst walking the dog, creatively cooking a meal, savouring a sit down with a book and tea, beautiful details that make up my days & ultimately my months & years.

Creating memories of my life and the knowledge that it was lived in such a way that my heart jumped through the differing parts of routinely lived days.

By Ravinder

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